About US

QUICK-UP Golf Range Co. is an innovative solutions company aiming at
providing the most functional and mobile golf-practice-net in the world
so golfers can practically practice anywhere. The parent company for QUICK-UP Golf Range Co. is Suncamp International Ltd. which is a leading manufacturer of patented QUICK-UP TM Umbrella Tents and
Umbrella Shelters. Using our UT-TEC TM rapid hub deployment
system and hanging net impact absorption technology, we
created the most unique and functional golf-practice-net

Its fast easy set-up and convenient storage and
mobility makes it an ideal anytime/anywhere
practice range. In seconds you can easily have your
personal driving range. Its a powerful, functional and sturdy golfer’s practice tool. With this product, you can practice shots will ALL Woods, Hybrids and Irons with a real ball. Yes
golfers can even practice loft-shots and chip
with wedges. QUICK-UP TM Golf Range is
an amazing new resource whether you’re a
professional or beginner golfer.

Improve your sport and enjoy golfing
anytime and anywhere, no matter either indoors or outdoors.